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Acquia Certification

Drupal is getting more popular each minute and Acquia is one of the biggest companies pushing the community in order to boost it as much as possible into the future. With Drupal as the base of its core Products and Services, Acquia has more than 600 employes and many of them are full time Drupal Core developers.

Best Drupal Training Resources out there

Best Drupal Training Resources

While Drupal is the most flexible CMS ever built, many people think of it as a "complicated" and even "advanced" system to learn to work with. As any Content Management System, there will always be a phase where you need to use things as they are and then start to customizing it and even working on a more advanced level. That's why we decided to share this 2 websites of Drupal Training Resources Providers that anyone can use, deppending on their interest and needs regarding how much you may want to get involved with Drupal.