Temporary Folder Warning

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Temporary Folder Warning

I'm receiving an error on my admin section wich says "Warning: fileowner() [function.fileowner]: stat failed for temporary://update_OebWV9 in update_manager_local_transfers_allowed() (line 912 of SOMEPATH)." or "Warning: move_uploaded_file(temporary://FILE) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: "DrupalTemporaryStreamWrapper::stream_open" call failed in drupal_move_uploaded_file() (line 1601 of SOMEPATH"

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To solve it, follow these

To solve it, follow these steps:

1. Browse to http://yourdomain.com/seven/admin/config/media/file-system Logged in as admin.

2. Under the "Temporary directory" tag, just set:

  • On Linux/Unix: /tmp
  • On Mac: /tmp
  • On Windows: c:\windows\temp

Those are the common path to the temporary folders on the different OS. It depends, of course, of the location of the real one, but in 99% of cases, this will be the required value.

3. Click Save Configuration. Done!

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I would like to add that I

I would like to add that I too had this problem, and the advice given solved the issue.

A suggestion ... might be a good idea to not have the default file system listed as a windows temp path. I would imagine the majority of people installing this distribution will be on a unix based server and not Windows.

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I would correct the path (for

I would correct the path (for my install)

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