To Pull Product Details from Live Website in Drupal

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To Pull Product Details from Live Website in Drupal

Dear Author,

First of all let me say that your support on this forum has been simply outstanding.

Objective : To pull product details like 'product-id, product-name,category, product-price' etc from the live website in CSV

format. To have rich and most recent data of entire product inventory present on the website.

Issue : The data tables which are normalized are difficult to map. I have a live e-commerce website built on EBazar and a team of

3 people are driving the product adding, updating and maintenance work. It is difficult to keep track of which products are

present on the website. Simple export is not easy.

Is there any solution or Module you can suggest for this ?

Looking forward to your reply. Here is a reference link :

With Regards,


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Hi there Sakar:

Hi there Sakar:

Thanks for your words!

What you need is to dig deeper in Feeds module . Making it as short as possible: Feeds will allow you to import XML, RSS, ATOM, CSV and even Plain Text files and create Nodes and entities as automated tasks. You will only need to map each field and attribute in the setup stage, but the rest can be easily done. It even upgrades existing nodes when you define the Unique ID fields.

It is really amazing. Feeds is a wonderfull module and surely will do what you need.

If you search on Youtube, there should be videos for it. I know one from, but they are a paid subscription service. Still, here is the link


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