Products and Prices left in Shopping Cart Block

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Products and Prices left in Shopping Cart Block


I recently ran into a strange issue: I'm running some testing on the theme, ordering and completing an order. However, the product will not remove itself from the shopping cart block, and it starts a running total of other products I add. When I click the shopping cart block in the menu, the dropdown is filled with previously "purchased" items. However, when I go to the cart page, it correctly shows what should be in the cart. Any way to fix this behavior?

Shopping cart menu with four products I previously ordered:

My actual shopping cart:

The rest of the theme is great, I'm really impressed :)

Thank you!

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Hi there Gulo:

Hi there Gulo:

Thanks for your words!

Is there any way you can share with me your URL and a temporary admin account? Send it to support at


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