Installing on Mac with MAMP returned too many errors

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Installing on Mac with MAMP returned too many errors

I started the installation of the NewsCenter theme on my Mac using a MAMP stack so I could quickly build the site to my specifications. The installation went great, but once I started to run through the updates I kept getting an AJAX error. I made the mistake and selected all updates to update at once, so there's a chance something in the update process didn't agree somewhere.

I have since installed the NewsCenter theme on my actual hosting account, ran through all the updates (one at a time) and everything is working as expected, no errors.

Just thought I would post this in case someone else encounters similar trouble.

... Scott

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hey scott!!

Thanks alot for pointing out the issue, I will look more into it

Thanks for buying!

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Mac error - No batch processing

I am trying to install realestate theme 2.X on my iMac... But it gives me error "No Batch Processing".

I have already increased memory, input time, upload limit in php.ini.

Only 31 tables get created... Please help asap... Installation does not complete.

[email protected]

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Hi Prashant:

Hi Prashant:

Try restoring the file profiles/realestate/realestate.sql using phpmyadmin.


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