Installation didn't finished

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Installation didn't finished

My installation didn't completed. After step #6 I received an error messaje and then a white screen.

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This issue ocurrs when your

This issue ocurrs when your PHP.ini configuration cuts the installation process for security reasons. Usually, PHP has a 30 seconds timeout for any script, so while the database is beeing imported, it cuts down the process, so only a few tables are on your database. For solving it, follow these steps:

1. Extract your site once again on your web server. It will overwrite all files to start over again.

2. Using phpMyAdmin, drop all created tables. The same idea, start over again.

3. The most important step. Increase PHP.ini timeouts: For doing it, look for the php.ini file that rules your server. Once there, "search" for line where "max_execution_time" variable appears. 90 would be a better value.

  • max_execution_time = 90

4. Restart your Apache Server. It will apply the changes.

5. Start again the Installation Process. Done!

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install problem

my email id is [email protected] i try all the possible way to do it max ece time to 900 etc etc but it fails everytime and didnot complete installtion at confiure site ...i think problme in the cardelaer programm ....pleae check and send to my email address...thanks

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