How Enhance the Search functionality with Taxonomy ?

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How Enhance the Search functionality with Taxonomy ?

Dear Author ,

It has been a great experience with the Ebazar Theme. I am into the phase of optimizing my site and enhancing the features.

I am planning to enhance the features in the website and my target is the 'Search Functionality'

Objective : To get a search functionality where even if the user types in the search box wrong spelling and hits search , he should receive similar products if not that exact product as a result.

Issue: Currently if the spelling of product is wrong by even one character the search result displays 'No such product'.

Can we enhance search as like Google, if users writes a wrong spelling then also we need to show the proximate results.

Can you explain to me in detail how can i enhance the taxonomy to such capability.

There are a few instances related to this available on open forum.

I also want to ask whether you have any plans in the pipeline for such updates.

Can you please guide me in this ?

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Hi there Sakar:

Hi there Sakar:

Please take a look at these modules, I'm pretty sure you are needing something like this:


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