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Expanded Menus

First off, I'd like to say that v3 is very good, and I'm looking forward to exploring it further for transitioning our parish website with due immediacy. One concern I do have is the apparent lack of support for subthemes. As I'm relatively new to the Drupal platform (been fiddling with it less than a year) I'm concerned about the inability to seamlessly implement revisions to the distribution.
However, if you've done your job good enough, that probably won't happen. However, I would be reassured by the presence of subtheme support.

My working instance is at http://sandbox.simplicit.me/drupal/corporate for you to refer to when making suggestions about achievement of my goal, which is to essentially recreate our parish website using a Responsive D7 theme. The original version of the site I'm working with is a live D6 implementation at http://ourladyoflourdes.ca and is built off blueprint v6.x-2.x-dev (2008-08-27) and is using menus generated from a set of taxonomy terms. I wish to reproduce this functionality and will attempt to decipher the how in short order, but I'm having difficulty with the lack of support for 'expanded' menubar items.

The guy that built it was pretty skilled, and the site was really ahead of its time. I need to do it justice by porting it reliably to modern standards whilst maintaining an Ignation comport. I expressed my congratulations for your revision on the ThemeForest comments section, and hopefully people will start realizing the the new Corporate X is leaps and bounds better than the prior irerations.

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Re: Expanded Menus

Nevermind.. looks like I've got it reasonably well done.

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