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What were the changes that went into the latest release? The only Changelog info I found was at the "setup instructions" link on the Themesnap page for Ebazar, but it didn't offer much.

Could someone please offer a link to a more robust/complete changelog or maybe provide those changes on the Themesnap page so it's easy to get at? Trying to decide if it's worth bothering with an upgrade to the newer release ...


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Hi there Robert:

Hi there Robert:

Sorry for the missunderstanding! I'll give it a check, but there are no major features since the first release of EBazar. Only Drupal Core upgrades and the contributed modules that can be upgraded via the Update Manger.

The only major thing you really can obtain is the latest release of MDSlider, which only can be done through our upgrades.

Anyway, we try to keep the most updated one here:!/log wich says, now that I check, August instead of December.


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