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change images size

love the look of corporate x, and i'm having a hard time changing the image size for the products display

can I find instructions on how to do that, changing the styles"scale and crop " seems to be not enough

sequential steps would be fantastic



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is there anyone here?

is this the right place to get help with corporate X?

how can I change image sizes in the products, I tried changing dimensions but the cropper does not work right, and the recent products does not display small images correctly. I would like to have images 200 W 400 height and display products, details and recent. can someone help please

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structure -> content types -> product -> manage displays

hello friend,
sounds like you need to adjust the "image style" for the product content type and its displays
structure -> content types -> product -> manage displays

the section you're seeing on the page is likely a view; which is composed of "products" and will display according to the parameters set for that content type. so basically, edit the view, and (if fields) change the image display style there, or (if content view), change in the way described above *may also need to create a new image style, /admin/config/media/image-styles

good luck !

(oh and Facebook and social media update is similar logic.. go here /admin/structure/views/view/follow_us/edit - and make sure the block is set to display, /admin/structure/block )


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