Understanding xPalladium

Understanding xPalladium Drupal Theme

The purpose of the following article is that you can be able to understand the entire scope of what does xPalladium Drupal Theme is for and a major overview of its conception.

A Real Multipurpose Product

xPalladium is built with an applied "know how" of more than 10 years of Drupal site building and development. Thousands of hours of customer feedback, User Experience testing and Drupal Performance in mind: All in One.

When we say it is a multipurpose theme, is because you can use it in so many scenarios: Corporate, Business, Online Commerce, Retailers, Portfolios, Communities, Designers, Agencies, Service Providers... and one important thing: you can combine all features at the same time in case one of your projects require so and have a Business site with a back end Online Store.

The Homes

xPalladium comes with 21 Home Pages. We categorize them in order to show their main purpose, but it doesn't mean that Business ones can't be combined with portfolio or Blog blocks to create customized Home Pages. That is why we always suggest customers to see our Homes as a Start point of their projects.

xPalladium Drupal Theme Home Page Variants

Think of it as an all in one

When you look at that amount of variants, stores, content ant features you need to find the paths we see on each main sub-product. We will just mention some samples of sub-products (and we mean kind of use at the same time):

xPalladium Drupal Theme Use it as you want

The Default Content Types

As it is Drupal, you can create and do whatever you want to store your content. And as it is DoubleMThemes, we also include the default templates of our base content types so you can do whatever you need with it and have a solid start point to initiate your project.

The Store Products

Store products are the heart of the Drupal Commerce part of xPalladium. Divided in 3 types (product A, B and C) each one has it's own variety of Shops and Homes. The main difference relies in the distribution of the main product image, and here is why:

  • Product A: Showcases a Portrait vertical image, mostly conceived for clothing retailers, as it shows the second image of the product in all Listings when hovering the first one. Strongly recommended for objects and products that are usually arranged vertically. This is the only Product type with Masonry Store Variants as the other 2 are fixed height thumbnails.
  • Product B: Showcases a Squared thumbnail of the product with zooming in modern browsers. Recommended for small items, parts and components, isolated photo styles and stores with dozens of products.
  • Product C: Showcases a Landscape image of the product, also with zooming support in modern browsers. Perfect for Technology and Office retailers, where products are usually more wider than higher (horizontally arranged). Isolated product may be ideal but it is perfect too for real pictures.

xPalladium Drupal Theme Drupal Commerce Variants

Portfolio Items

Portfolio Items are the core of the Business and Creative part of xPalladium. All Recent Work, Projects, Services and Work experience converge in this content Type, showcased in more than 15 Blocks and Views all around the theme.

xPalladium Drupal Theme Content Types


Services are the top of the Portfolio chain food. If you provide "Web Design" Service, it will arrange all your Web Design Portfolio in one place. If you do "Restore Antique Buildings", then it will be the head of your portfolio of restored buildings. So each Portfolio Item will be attached, at least, to a single service.

Blog Post

Articles are a must since the '90s, so here they are. If we build a product without it, it wouldn't be a product as who doesn't release an article today, is not in 2015.

Customer Reviews

This is one of the most popular features of sites today. Everyone wants to show the feedback provided by regular, top or worst customers. So we also included it :)


Another popular feature for Service Providers: Plans. xPalladium allows you to have your own block with plans and a specific page for it. All editable in a single Content Type.

Home Features

This is a simple content type used only in a couple of Home Page Variants. But thing is we use content types for storing content, instead of pure HTML code, in an online world where things need to be translatable and not hard coded. So that's it, we also create a content type for something that simple.

Where to go now?

If you are here and haven't seen it yet, please feel free to take your time to See xPalladium Demo. Additionally: