Slash, the best Bootstrap Retina Responsive Drupal Theme

The Best Drupal Bootstrap Premium Theme

Slash is our most complete and solid theme ever built! Focused on a fast development and setup, Slash allows you to rapidly build a Corporate, Business, Agency or Freelance website with an extremely low effort level.

See the Online Demo of Slash in action. All the content you will see is sample content included in the downloadable package of the theme as a Drupal Installation Profile.

As described in the theme Overview in ThemeSnap, Slash is a Retina Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Bootstrap based Drupal theme for Agency, Portfolio, Business and Corporate websites. It includes a lot of features you can easily setup to get your site 99% ready in just a few minutes.

Premium Sliders

Slash includes 2 awesome Premium Slideshows: MD Slider & Cute Slider. Both provide to Slash Home Pages a beauty and powerful tool to present your business and impress your visitors.

Animate each element on a Timeline

Both Premium Sliders provide a timeline where you can add as many visual HTML elements as you want such as Text, Images and YouTube/Vimeo videos. Major features are:

  • + 100 Transitions, including 3D and 2D
  • Timeline HTML elements editor.
  • Each element can be independently animated.

Retina Responsive Theme

The theme seems awesome on tablet/mobile devices! It allows you to showcase your site everywhere and allow everybody to get the most of your content. Responsive layouts are a MUST nowadays, as each time more people use their smartphones and tablets over browsing on a desktop computer.

Slash has a 4 Level Fully Responsive Layout based on HTML5 and CSS3

  • iPhone/Android mobile devices
  • iPad/Tablet PC devices in Portrait and Landscape mode layout
  • Normal Desktop Screen for Netbooks.
  • Wide Screens such Mac or PC layout

Unlimited Color Variations

Slash allows you to set different color variations starting from a backend GUI Tools that allows you to choose the main colors of the theme just using a Color Picker and generating the CSS files automatically.

Advanced Web Developers can even add more customizations and backend color sets to End Clients, allowing them to customize the theme even more, deppending on your project scope.

See the Demo

Sample Content Included

With Slash we won't leave behind our practice of including sample content with the theme. It allows you to have the site working EXACTLY* as the demo in less than 5 minutes, just after finishing the installation process.

Boosts Site Setup

Have you ever been trough the frustration of installing a theme and have no idea of how to make it just like the demo you liked before? Well, Slash is the demo.

It is always better to start from a base setup of content than needing to gather all the sample info that will help you to show your customer how his website will be seen or even how your own site is working right now. Theme includes sample articles, Portfolio Items, Services, Slideshows, Client's logos, Customer Feedback, Menu, etc.

Contextual Content Edition

Additionaly, Contextual Content edition allows you to directly edit content right where it is shows, no matter where: a View, a block, the footer, the sidebar. Once you're logged in, you will find the red tags all across the theme over your content.

* Demo Images are not included on the downloadable package for copyright reasons. Instead of them you will get gray images replacing the exact place and function of each demo image. All demo images are properly licensed to DoubleMThemes for demo purposes only. Car Images are property of David Villarreal and Licensed under Creative Commons.

High Definition Video Tutorials, Docs and Support

We aim doubts, requests and issues using a 3 way plan which includes Video Tutorials for general needs, Documentation for detailed precedures and forums for anything that can't be solved with Docs and Videos. Feel free to contact us once you buy Slash in case you need it, it is included in your price and we will support you.


VideoTutorials + Documentation + Support

Slash Video Tutorials

Slash has a wide set of HD Video Tutorials that allows you to know how to proceed in certain circumstances while you interact with the theme and the back end itself.

Following is a list of main videos of Slash:

See the Demo

Slash Documentation

To read all Slash Documentation (it is also included on the package once you buy Slash), but can also previewed here