Promoting the Drupal Association Job Board

Drupal Jobs

Being in the Drupal world, means, of course, that you work with Drupal Developers or work as one. And it is crucial to "browse" CVs, explore job offers and analyze the current status of Drupal Jobs if you are intended to build a Career on top of it or just getting involved in one single project. That is why the Drupal Association (the Portland, OR based non profit organization assisting the Drupal Community) is focusing in promoting the usage of their newest Drupal Job Board:

Drupal Association JobBoard

The Drupal Association Job Board was just launched a couple of months ago and was developed by Cheeky Monkey Media, an amazing Drupal Development Agency based in Kelowna, BC.

As described in the Drupal Association(DA) page, they are "an educational non-profit organization that tasks itself with fostering and supporting the Drupal software project, the community and its growth", the DA aims to become the main Drupal Jobs source.

As it is designed by Drupal Developers and for Drupal Developers, the entire filtering system is focused in Drupal related tasks: Site Builder, Project Manager, Themer... as you can also filter by Skill Level, Location and Job Type (Telecommute, Full time...).

If you are intended to post a Job Offer, it may be the best place to do so, even when it is a pretty "young" web site, as the flow of potential Drupal Developers is being increased while the Job Board becomes more popular between the entire Worldwide Drupal Community. A single job post costs $199, although there are alternatives for mid size businesses.

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