Now JobBoard Supports Drupal Commerce Payments

Drupal Job Classifieds with Payment Support

We use to read a lot about our customers feedback, so we have decided to develop a feature that we can say is the #1 across all our "Features Request", so here it is: Payment Support for JobBoard Drupal Theme.

In order to maintain the previous edition, we have now 2 separated JobBoard versions in the same package: JobBoard EXPRESS and JobBoard PREMIUM.

This new Edition (PREMIUM) is available for free to all previous customers of the EXPRESS edition and for all those who have also purchased the Drupal Classifieds Bundle.

New Employer Features

With this new feature, your registered Employers will be allowed to (by default):

  • Buy Submissions Packages.
  • Edit their own Submissions.
  • Receive emails from all requests made by JobBoard visitors to their jobs.

New Administrator Features

Site users with Administrator Role will be able to (by default):

  • Define submission packages (prices, points and descriptions)
  • Manually create transactions in order to manage the available submissions of each registered Employer.
  • Set a default value for new Employers as "free submissions"
  • Set which fields will be editable after a submission becomes Public.
  • Set the default "Expiration date" range after the Job Offer has been created (by default is 2 weeks)

Supported Payment Methods

As it is Drupal Commerce based, then all the Payment Methods supported by the module are the ones supported by JobBoard ( Just to mention a few: