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Real Estate Drupal Theme

If you're looking for a solid Real Estate, Realtor and Property listing Template, then you're in the right place.

RealEstate is a site conceibed to do the same job as a Real Estate Agent does, but online. Is a theme prepared to showcase your Properties while you're talking to another client, while you're having breakfast and even when you sleep! :D It allows your visitors to explore and take a look at your entire collection of Properties and get in contact with you very easilly with a simple base message they can edit:

"I'm interested on the property located at 3317 Raven Road Raleigh NC, 33040 and priced at $ 220 000.00."

So, how does the visitor's flow goes:

You impact on your Home Page with you best offers

Your Home Page is the first impression on your business. If your first impression is great, then everything is great.

The Home Page in RealEstate can be arranged at your own style, as it includes a lot of blocks you can arrange by your own and build your own Home Page. We just offer 2 main Home Variants, one based on a Map, and the other one on a Slideshow.

Blocks you can use:

You can re-arrange and use the following Home blocks on your Home Page:

Visitors Browse your collection looking for a Property

If somebody gets in, 99% of the chances is he(or she)'s looking for a Property. There's where the Properties Browsers do the rest for you. From now on, visitors define what they want to see and how, and there's where Filters came into play.

Visitors take a look at one or more Properties

Once a visitor takes a look at a Property, he lands on the Property Page. These pages are conceibed to detail every Property aspect and to provide Contact access to interested visitors who may become potential customers.

Faceted Search does the rest

And how about if your visitor is looking for a Residential Property, but he isn't lookinng at the right one. Faceted Search does the rest for you. It's something like "Would you like to see other Residentials? Take a look at these!" or just "Take a look at other by the agent Sarah Collins you might also like." Isn't enough? Then "Take a look at our cheapest, our new sale ones or just keep filtering!"

Social Sharing Spreads the word

And how about if I might not like this Property but any of my friends might? Well, share it with them in your favourite Social Media network. :)

To read more About RealEstate Premium Drupal Theme you can go to:

stephan's picture
How can I re-arrage

How can I re-arrange the blocks om my home page?
I would like to lower the search block and place the latest properties higher.

support's picture
Hi there Stephan:

Hi there Stephan:

Just go to Admin-> Structure -> Blocks and drag them.


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