Drupal Developer? Go and get Certified!

Acquia Certification

Drupal is getting more popular each minute and Acquia is one of the biggest companies pushing the community in order to boost it as much as possible into the future. With Drupal as the base of its core Products and Services, Acquia has more than 600 employes and many of them are full time Drupal Core developers.

As part of their Drupal Training Program, Acquia has developed a Drupal Certification Program that became the first Drupal "Official International Certification" and has resulted in an amazing base for Drupal Developers all around the world to level and measure their Drupal skills and experience in front of the Community and potential employers. All certifications can be taken online from hundreds of Kryterion registered Testing Centers across the planet.

If you are a just a Drupal Site Builder

If you are among the web developers who use Drupal Core, use contributed modules and create Drupal sites for end customers, then the Acquia Certificated Drupal Site Builder Certification is what you may need. It is the most general exam and doesn't goes that deeper as the rest of the certifications. It will become a base standard for future employers while digging into the employers base. The exam price is $150 and can be taken twice if you miss the first one (pass mark of 60/100). Covered topics of the exam include:

  • Drupal Features
  • Content and User Management
  • Content Modeling
  • Site Display
  • Community and Contributed Projects
  • Model and Theme Management
  • Security and Performance

Certifications for Advanced Drupal Developers

If you are involved in Drupal Core, Drupal Module Development or in Advanced Customization services, then these certifications are for you:

The pass mark is the same as previous and prices range between $250 and $350.

Some additional resources

If you are interested in going further, then here are a few links you may want to check: