Build a Job Classified Site with our Drupal Solution

Job Classified Drupal Theme

UPDATE MAY 2015: Now JobBoard Supports PAYMENTS. Read more.

One month ago, we just released an amazing Drupal theme for building Job Classified solutions: JobBoard Drupal Theme. It is completelly built over Bootstrap 3 and provides a great way to manage a Job Posting Community, allowing employers to submit and manage Jobs.

Main Features

  • Employer Role Support to submit Jobs
  • Employer Contact Form for Applicants
  • Retina Responsive Design
  • Simmilar and Related Jobs features
  • Jobs support Skills, Locations, Industry....
  • and many more features you can just check at the online demo.

Understanding JobBoard

JobBoard is a Premium Drupal Installation profile that provides a powerfull startup to create an online Job Board system built over Drupal 7. It provides all the Job presentation layout, browsing and classification based on the default Taxonomy feature included in Drupal 7.x

We will try to explain it using the common flow used by any visitor that would like to explore and get in contact with any of your registered Employers or might be only interested on your site:

Visitors access your site for the first time

In most of cases, people will access your site via the Home Page. While your site gets ranked on Search Engines, more traffic will come in trough articles, but your Home Page will always be your first impression and the place your frequent visitors will visit.

3 Home Page Variants

Deppending on your purpose, you can use any of these at anytime. You can even switch after a few months and try how different Homes impact your audience. Maybe you have an event, and need to showcase the details using the awesome MD Slider. You can use it at your Home or at any page.

I got the idea of who you are and what I can find here, now: I want to get a Web Development Job

Once a visitor understands your site, he will go directly to one of your Jobs or just to a specfic Location or even Industry. What does this means:

JobBoard has only 3 level of Pages:

  • The Home Page
  • The Job Search Page / Categories Listings (Location, Industry, Contract Type...)
  • The Job Description

This allows your visitors to cycle your Jobs and re-browse without any dead end. Everything is related, so you they may start reading about Gaming Development Jobs and finding another one simmilar to it but also included in anohter sub-search and so.

And finally, the Job page. Just and HTML page where you and your Employers can do whatever you/they want on the article body. The next image shows all the additional UI elements included in every Job page.

And here ends the main explanation on how does JobBoard works. Not to difficult uhhh?

Where to go now?