Best Drupal Training Resources out there

Best Drupal Training Resources

While Drupal is the most flexible CMS ever built, many people think of it as a "complicated" and even "advanced" system to learn to work with. As any Content Management System, there will always be a phase where you need to use things as they are and then start to customizing it and even working on a more advanced level. That's why we decided to share this 2 websites of Drupal Training Resources Providers that anyone can use, deppending on their interest and needs regarding how much you may want to get involved with Drupal. has been one of the most popular Drupal Video Training providers of all times. Amazing courses by Tom Geller such as "Drupal 7 Essential Training" and "Create Your First Online Store with Drupal Commerce" can be found there.

There are 11 Drupal Courses available: 3 for Drupal 6 and 8 for Drupal 7. the complexity level of most of them are between Beginner and Intermediate. monthly subscription costs $25/month (it provides free access to other hundreds of courses) guys have also a great library of Drupal Videos, most of them dedicated to Drupal Developers although there are many of the also for newbies. There are pretty interesting courses such as PSD to Drupal Theme and Importing Data With Migrate and Drupal 7.

There is a total of 70+ Drupal Courses and most of them are for Drupal 7, while there are some for Drupal 6 and 8. Yes, Drupal 8. subscription monthly plan is $45/month and you can get entire access to all courses.

Personally, I consider videos an amazing start point and as a way to get deeper in Drupal Customization, Advanced Development and Setup. gather certified IT professionals with an awesome training experience and their courses are solid enough to learn/train new and already known topics. Their courses are designed with a level of detail that make them incredibly effective while is from Drupal Developers to Drupal Developers. Just that. And it means a lot, trust me. So you are all invited to explore them and feel free to design your own Drupal Training path. :)

If you are interested in further Drupal training here are some additional links you may consider: