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The State of Drupal: October 2014

Only a few days ago took place DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014, the biggest Drupal event in the entire Europe. With the major goal of "preparing the arrival" of Drupal 8, a lot of Sessions took place and all of them are accessible for everybody thanks to the Drupal Association in their Youtube Channel. Although there are ... + continue reading



Drupal 8 will be here very soon...

We´ve been posting since a few monsths ago and mostly last week a set of usefult Drupal 8 resurces and links associated to the brand new major release of the most flexible CMS of all times. It is estimated to be ready by early 2015 and it would be just great to stay up to date. If you are interested in learning ... + continue reading





The Drupal Real Estate Solution You Need

RealEstate is a theme conceibed to do the same job as a Real Estate Agent does, but online. Is a theme prepared to showcase your Properties while you're talking to another client, while you're having breakfast and even when you sleep! It allows your visitors to explore and take a look at your entire collection of Properties and get in contact with you very easilly with a simple base message ... + continue reading




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