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Worldwide Theme localization

Hello all,

We have installed drupal with Worldwide theme, Then added the Arabic language to the English one, But we have the following problems.

1- How to enable and navigate through the both languages at the same time.
2- The process of making the site shows in RTL for Arabic language not completed, We need to modify some css properties such as located in (style.less) to be suitable for Arabic language, So we need to make another Arabized (style-rtl.less) to be loaded in the Arabic interface only.
3- If we need to add some css files to be loaded in specific language such as in Arabic interface only, How can we do that???


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Hi there Massoud:

Hi there Massoud:

Worldwide, as our other themes, do not support RTL by default, so you will have to implement it by yourself. Here is a pretty cool guide on how to do it:

About the language switch, what you need is i18n Module: It will give you all the features you need to have 2 languages at the same time, including the language switcher.


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