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Several errors were reported before and other error is identified after upgrading to Drupal 7.50:
User warning: The following module is missing from the file system: media_wysiwyg. In order to fix this, put the module back in its original location. For more information, see the documentation page. in _drupal_trigger_error_with_delayed_logging() (line 1128 of /.../includes/

However there is NO such module "media_wysiwyg" and it is not clear how to correct this issue.
Is there any support to eliminate these errors?

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Hi Andrei:

Hi Andrei:

We really want to apologize because of the problems we were having recently with the support staff :(

We want to gradually restore it in the following days.

Regarding your question:

That is weird, please try adding the module but we do not include it by default on the product.


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Same issue after ugrading from D 7.44 to 7.52

Hi there, I had the same issue during the upgrade process. I use the Seven Theme feom DoubleMThemes :-) presents the solution.
I wrote my own module and included

function as_dev_update_7100() {
$modules = array(
->condition('name', $modules, 'IN')
->condition('type', 'module')

Everything works fine now.

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