Theme broken after Upgrade to Drupal 7.32

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Theme broken after Upgrade to Drupal 7.32

I'm trying to upgrade to Drupal 7.32. I followed your instructions on the YouTube Link, but when I am done the theme on my website does not render at all, and all template files, css & js from the theme are not used leaving a white html page with all my content, but no structure.

This theme was installed using the postwalls installation profile, and so I would like to know if you modified any of the Drupal core files when creating the theme, so I keep that file as I upgrade.

Also I noticed that if I attempt to systematically revert to the prior version of Drupal on which the theme currently runs by replacing one file at a time, the system displays an error message "file cannot be found" which makes me wonder that there is a file in the Drupal Core that gets deleted during the upgrade process.

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Hi there Seyi:

Hi there Seyi:

When upgrading to a new Drupal Core you need to ensure not to overwrite the sites folder. There are no new database upgrades, so there is no need to run the update.php script.

We haven't modified anything on the Drupal Core. In fact, we upgrade all our sites just by overwriting everything except the sites folder as usual.

Let me know.


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Use Drush

If you use Drush up drupal, you will avoid any issues and also have an automatic backup :)



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