Show user posts in a Tab of the user page

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Show user posts in a Tab of the user page

Hi Jorge, dunno if this is related to Slash od Drupal basics.

I would like to show the user posts in a tab of the user page.

I created a view, set the relationship (content:author), then set the menu to tab and selected user menu...

in the preview below I have all my posts, but on the front site, no luck... not showing, any suggestions?

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Hi there Sasha:

Hi there Sasha:

But you are intended to show the posts of the current logged in user or the posts of the User Page visitors will be watching?

In both cases, ensure to add the "CONTEXTUAL FILTER" (right above the RELATIONSHIPS) for "Content: Author uid" and set it up to use the "Provide default value". there you will see the 2 USER options I mentioned before in my question. Try each one.


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