For Poor Soupport want refund.

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For Poor Soupport want refund.

I need 1 page to make but I cannot by your documents and your explanations.
So We want refund as soon as possible.

Try to provide better theme coding was awesome but its for advance drupal user.

What is leaking on your documents.
1. make with video tutorial documents with setup From Scratch drupal7 not only profiles setting.So anyone can understand your themes how it works and how you made.
2. slow forums support try to provide fast support in 24 hour.many option to get themes.but why customer buy themes.its for support and update.!/under

home you fix that otherwise issue a refund.Please let me know.

Thank you

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Hi there Jaydul:

Hi there Jaydul:

Sorry to hear that :( but our support terms and funds are not up to being able to create videos trying to explain customer specific issues. We have tried to answer your question in many ways, but what you need to do is a customization that is up to your end.

You are asking me how to make our product look like some design elements on this website ( and I've been trying to give you some base guides on how to proceed (, but I cannot do the customization you need because it is up to you.

Please, mail us directly with your account details, we will process a refund request with to the purchaser mail.


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