Palette & Seven issues with Step 4, and why the need?

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Palette & Seven issues with Step 4, and why the need?

I purchased Palette & Seven, hoping to be able to easily modify colors with combination of these 2 products.

I've got a demo site at (happy to provide login access)

Install profile went as expected.

Palette did not.

Documentation was ambiguous in regards to which theme to install Palette in: Base or Actual (Zen or Seven in this case); I assumed Actual/Seven. All when well until Step 4; at this point I was scratching my head, thinking "wait a minute: Color module is installed, Palette is working (I already checked setting on Seven to make sure Palette was working), why the need for Step 4? Should I be able to create a custom color palette via the GUI, and see the effect in my theme? I purchased Seven and Palette fropm same vendor, what's up?"

I guess what I'm saying is "what's the purpose of color palette GUI in theme settings is I have to add selectors to color.css?"


Kind regards,

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Hi there Doug

Hi there Doug

Sorry for my laaaaaaaate response.

Step 4 is needed for linking the colors you want with the CSS selectors of the theme. Installing the module only enables the color edition, but once you actually MATCH the CSS selectors on the generated color.css file with your LAYOUT CSS elements, is that the new colors will work fine.


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