Missing File warning: body-background-tablet.jpg

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Missing File warning: body-background-tablet.jpg

I just noticed this warning after a recent Drupal 7 core update, I don't believe it was there before.
Location: http://gbio.org/sites/all/themes/seven_doublemthemes/images/variant%204/...
Referrer: http://gbio.org/sites/all/themes/seven_doublemthemes/css/responsive-tabl...
Message: sites/all/themes/seven_doublemthemes/images/variant 4/body-background-tablet.jpg
I'm not sure why this code is looking in folder ".../variant 204/" as it doesn't exist. There is a folder ".../variant 2" with that file.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi Neil,

Hi Neil,

Sorry for the delay. I think the problem is related to the fact that you probably updated the /sites folder and overwritten the folder with the theme. Just go back again to the theme package you originally downloaded and replace the existing one in sites/all/themes


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