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Less errors


I am recieving these messages?

stdClass::$parent in lessc_parser->parse() (line 2276 of /var/www/limon/sites/all/libraries/lessphp/lessc.inc.php).
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$type in lessc->compileBlock() (line 191 of /var/www/limon/sites/all/libraries/lessphp/lessc.inc.php).
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$tags in lessc->compileCSSBlock() (line 217 of /var/www/limon/sites/all/libraries/lessphp/lessc.inc.php).
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in lessc->compileSelectors() (line 446 of /var/www/limon/sites/all/libraries/lessphp/lessc.inc.php).

I have added a 3 .less files that contain css so not sure if that is causing the problem.



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Hi there Mark:

Hi there Mark:

About this issue, how did you added the new LESS files??

The best way to do so is direclty on the main sites/all/themes/worldwide/less/style.less file using this syntax:

// Theme specific.
@import 'header.less';
@import 'content.less';
@import 'footer.less';

Do not add them in the .info file.


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