Installing Newscenter on an existing Drupal install

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Installing Newscenter on an existing Drupal install

I have a Drupal 7.22 install (because my hosting provider allows the install using Softaculous. Now I want to add the Newscenter theme, but having difficulty.

I went to admin/appearance/install to install Newscenter, uploading the "", but no luck. Some direction would be appreciated.


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There Is a standalone install for newscenter meaning you would have to upload the directory to the server and install it manually Just like you would install a regular drupal directory.

A tutorial on how to install the theme will be uploaded to our youtube channel shortly which might help you.

Thanks alot!

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Okay, I'll wait. Saw you

Okay, I'll wait. Saw you posted ... which is great for a new, manual install of drupal.

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Manual install on an existing Drupal

I have managed to install NewsCenter on an existing installation. A start from scratch was not an option for me as I already have a combined Drupal/CiviCRM install in production.
I basically did a test vanilla installation with the NewsCenter profile on my local machine.
Then I did the following steps (bried summary):
- copy the template files into sites/all/templates/newscenter
- copy the missing modules and libraries (compare the test installation with your production site)
- activate the needed modules
- Add content type "Advertisement"
- Add content type "Gallery Item"
- Add Menu "News Categories" (empty)
- Add Taxonomy vocabulary "Articles" and add items as needed
- configure "5-star rating"
- Edit content type "Article" and add missing fields
- Export (from test) and Import (to Prod) the missing Views (Hint: module PHP filter must be active to be able to import)
- Add additional Image Styles
- Arrange Blocks as needed
- Edit some of the Blocks to remove Title (set to ) and make sure they appear on first page only ()
- set NewsCenter template as active and default
- change default page to home-page view.

It worked for me. If you have questions or struggle, drop me a note. I try to help out if I can.....


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Hi Volker:

Thanks for the guide!

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