How to make custom.css override all other css files?

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How to make custom.css override all other css files?

I am not sure how to make the custom.css file override the css files in the blueprint directory. I have moved the custom.css file ahead of all others in the info file but that has not caused css in the custom.css file to override the css in the blueprint>screens.css.

What do I need to do?

Martin Fuggle

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Hi there Martin:

Hi there Martin:

You found a bug! The file link is missing the real folder path. For fixing it follow these steps:

1 - On the theme folder, open the file "" and on line 40, replace:

stylesheets[all][] = css/custom.css


stylesheets[all][] = custom-css/custom.css

Then go to Admin - > Appearance so Drupal reads again the .info file and updates the paths.



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custom css

Hi there,

I corrected the custom.css path in the info file like you suggested, but whatever I put for custom hyperlink css in the custom.css file doesn't affect any hyperlink styling. Some hyperlinks are normal text color with no underlining, some are blue. What am I missing?!?

PS Sencillo Artwork theme

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After following Jorge's steps correctly if the issue still persists.

try using !important to override the default styles it is not always advisable however it gets the job done if all else fails, for eg.


Hope this hels.

Thanks alot!

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