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Button fill color


Where can I find control of the button colors for the .btn class?
Is it located in the LESS files somewhere? Can you provide a path to the file and possibly a line of the code?


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Hi there Oceanstudio:

Hi there Oceanstudio:

It comes from the Bootstrap 3 framework: http://getbootstrap.com/css/#buttons

btn-primary , .btn-default


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code clarification

Hello Support,

I found some code at 'sites/all/themes/online/less/variables.less' at line 21
@brand-primary:          #428bca;
I switched the hexidecimal value above to my preferred color, cleared cache and the default buttons seemed to all respect the change. (mouseover 'darken' value change a few lines below did not seem to work however...)

Is there no connection from the 'appearance/settings/custom brand color' to the bootstrap buttons?

Thanks for any info.

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