Installation Issues

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Installation Issues

(This question was ported from a Direct Mail by a purchaser)
I've just buy Seven Theme. I've follow the installation guide:!/installing

But, doesn't work. The theme fails when it's creating tables.

Instead, if i try basic or standard profile, then Drupal install well.

What happen with your installation profile? I need it running.


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Hello there Jose:

Hello there Jose:

Thanks for buying Seven. I'll support you with it. If you feel better
talking spanish, it would be much better for me also. It's my native

The theme installs a sql backup during the "profile" set up that sets
everything up. It's a little big backup that might take some time
importing the tables, so I recommend you to do one of the following

Increase your PHP.ini parametters so it doesn't cut the import script
execution time:

1 - Increase the "max_execution_time" value to, at least, "90" seconds.

2 - Increase the "memory_limit" value to, at least, "256M" MegaBytes.

3 - Repeat the installation process.

These parameters will allow you to do it. The PHP.ini file location
depends on the server you're using (MAMP, WAMP, XAMP, Appserv...)

I don't know how experienced are you with these settings, so let me
know if you need further assistance.

Please, keep me up to date with your issue and if you solve it.


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Question about Theme Seven Installation on GoDaddy site

I also just bought theme Seven and have a couple of questions about installation on GoDaddy hosting site.
I would like to have GoDaddy install first Drupal since than it so easy to update Drupal's updates with just one click. I am not a programmer so it is a big help.
1. If I use clean site with no Drupal install and use your easy Seven Install, how do I update DRUPAL's updates to the site?
2. If I let GoDaddy install Drupal 1st, than what do I need to do to make your theme work with all the photos and design setting as you show of the theme demo???
From the instructions it looks like "fresh install" is easy for me, then answer to #1 question would be really helpful. Awaiting for your answers!

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GoDaddy install theme

GoDaddy install theme problems:
I first installed Theme 7 on a Delux Plan at GoDaddy This deluxe plan offers up to 10 sites on the same hosting plan.
Using the deluxe hosting I encountered the following problems:
I could not use “Clean Url”
When I updated modules folders would disappear and I had to upload the missing folders using FileZila.
After update for cTools all the folders disappeared and I found them under the main site. The main site is the first site that was hosted on this plan.

So I bought another domain name to copy all my work to date and used it with it’s own single plan hosting. I did upload a fresh install of Theme 7 using Godaddy support team.
Now, every thing is working, as it should. I can use Clean URL updating a module goes smoothly. Here is the test site now

As a bonus, I was told by Godaddy support that I will not need to migrate the site once this test site is built, just call them in the future and they will guide me how to set the site to the destination domain name

BIG THANK YOU Ragzor. I think the design is very beautiful!!!

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