bbanimation module not working

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bbanimation module not working

Hi Team,

I downloaded the latest version of the theme. The BBAnimation module is not properly working. It is not showing the background image for the block. The following is the code generated in inspect element section of the browser. I cant find the bbAnimation classes and background image.

<section id="block-block-25" class="block block-block contextual-links-region clearfix">

<div class="contextual-links-wrapper contextual-links-processed"><a class="contextual-links-trigger" href="#">Configure</a><ul class="contextual-links"><li class="block-configure first last"><a href="/admin/structure/block/manage/block/25/configure?destination=node/1">Configure block</a></li>
<h2 class="rtecenter">
<span style="color:#ffffff;">Attend a <span style="color: rgb(51, 153, 255);">Training</span> Today</span></h2>
<p class="rtecenter"><span style="color:#ffffff;">Our courses include the Foundation Courses and Tools-based courses.</span></p>

Please guide me on this.Thanks in advance!

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Hi, any update on this.
After saving the block I am getting image array as string "1234" instead of array (fid=>1234)

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