Additional Feature content & <style> to be universally applied

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Additional Feature content & <style> to be universally applied


Currently, we have 2 contents in Feature block.

If I want to add the 3rd(and 4th, 5th...) content, how can I do?

And I used the below at a content of Feature block.

li {
text-align: left;

<li>마케팅 측면에선, 중국인 요우커가 접근하기 쉬운 현지 온오프라인 마케팅이 잘된 예약시스템</li>
<li>상품측면에선 요우커가 원하는 경쟁력인 가격대의 중소형 호텔을 기존 보편적 데이터베이스에 더한 다양함</li>
<li>호텔리어입장에선 컴퓨터 또는 터치기반의 디바이스에서 모두에서 효율적인 입력과 매출관리가 가능한, 직관적인 UI</li>
★ If we serve clients today as we served yesterday, we rob our clients of their right to travel happier.
<a class="btn btn-lg btn-default" href="#"><i class="icon-book"> </i>Hotel88 </a>

However I have to repeat the <style> at every content, where should I put the <style>...</style> to be universally applied?

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Hi Werwer:

Hi Werwer:

It depends. There is a custom/style.css file in your theme folder. Please place there all the CSS styles of your project.


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3th Feature

To simplify the question, should I edit css file to have the additional feature block (the 3rd and 4th) ? Currently I have 2 features.

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