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menu font size & H2, H3


I see too small menu font especially with Korean fonts.

Can I make the menu font bigger?.

I tried <h6> instead <span> but I guess it's not a good way.


In blocks, If I feel <h2> is too big and <h3> is too small, where can I define those things?
I have little knowledge in CSS but I'm willing to learnd...

Too big <h2> :

Source html :
<h2>『올댓호텔, All That Hotel』은 호텔이 가진 가능성을 최대화할 수 있도록 <span class="theme-color">장단기 전략</span>을 함께 세우고, 측정가능한 결과값을 만들어내기 위하여 <span class="theme-color">마케팅 협업</span>을 실행합니다.</h2><h3>★ Hotel owners also deserve good concierge service for themselves. It is 'All That Hotel' that is ready to provide that service for them in today's strategically challenging hotel business environment.</h3>

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Hi there Werwer:

Hi there Werwer:

All theme styles are located in sites/all/themes/worldwide/less/style.less

Look there for the styles under ".nav" selector. Just ensure to check there are styles for the Menu item and some other for the small SPAN with a description below.


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Thanks , but please point the line

Thank you! I solved it.

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