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Slash, the best Bootstrap Retina Responsive Drupal Theme

The Best Drupal Bootstrap Premium Theme

Slash is a Retina Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Bootstrap based Drupal theme for Agency, Portfolio, Business and Corporate websites. It includes a lot of features you can easily setup to get your site 99% ready in just a few minutes.

Upgrading Twitter Block from 1.0 to 2.0

Hi there Everyone!

Twitter Block Module version 1.0 stopped working due to the folowing issue

Seven and Sencillo themes were both affected by this, so please, follow these instructions to make it work again:

The Drupal Real Estate Solution You Need

Real Estate Drupal Theme

RealEstate is a theme conceibed to do the same job as a Real Estate Agent does, but online. Is a theme prepared to showcase your Properties while you're talking to another client, while you're having breakfast and even when you sleep! It allows your visitors to explore and take a look at your entire collection of Properties and get in contact with you very easilly with a simple base message ...

Drupal Tutorials: New YouTube Playlists!

Premium Drupal Themes Video Tutorials

We are grouping all our previous Drupal Tutorials(from our YouTube Channel) with our Themes in a set of Playlists to allow everybody access them easily. Here they are:

New RealEstate Videos added

We are happy to announce that we have just added 2 simple videos for RealEstate in our YouTube Channel:

- Installing RealEstate on MacOSX with MAMP

Our new Youtube Channel

Hi there everyone!

We are happy to announce that we have recently released our Youtube Channel to post videos allowing customers to understand better our themes. Currently we have uploaded a few Installing Videos for most of themes while we still continue producing more.

Feel free to follow DoubleMThemes on Youtube and stay connected as we will upload new ones about adding Cars, customizing Views and many more in the future.

Happy week!

CarDealer Retina Responsive already, RealEstate on the go

We are very happy to announce that a new version of CarDealer has been released: Fully Retina Responsive. All previous buyers can get the update from free at the same download link provided when they purchased the theme.

Opera 12+ and WebKit Specific CSS Hacks

Opera 12+ and Webkit CSS hack

Just wanted to release this as a post. We had to take a wide look around looking for this Opera 12 working hack:

99% Ready Drupal 7 Premium Themes

99% Ready Drupal 7 Premium Themes

We've started building Drupal Premium Themes a long time ago, so my intention in this post is help you to understand more our themes, see which one fits your needs and explain you how do we work, in case you finally decide to get "a DoubleMTheme".

We've all been in this situation: "I'm starting a new web site project. Do I build it from scratch or I get a prebuilt site?" So, why don't get a prebuilt site?

Welcome to DoubleMThemes New Blog

Welcome to DoubleMThemes, where "we value more your site than ours" :) (we'll build it soon, don't worry, but that's a fact, we haven't yet due to production and support tasks)

Thanks for being here. We're starting a new blog here in our site to assist more than +650 buyers and customers assisting them to understanding better our work and get involved in DoubleMThemes products we lovely create for ThemeSnap, our official theme distributor.