RealEstate is now Retina Responsive

Real Estate Drupal Responsive Retina HTML5 CSS3 Theme

Hi everyone! As we previously announced, RealEstate is now a Retina Responsive theme. All buyers from versions 1.x can easily update it redownloading the package following the E-junkie mail when purchased. The package contains the update and the instructions on how to apply it.

New Features on RealEstate 2.x

RealEstate includes a few awesome features on this new release that your customers will love: a new Home Page Variant based on MD Premium Slider (value of $20), the Retina Responsive Update and an Automatic Mortgage Calculator.

Home Page Variant based on MD Premium Slider

MD Slider is a Premium Drupal Module that allows the creation of Highly Customized Slideshows, based on a TimeLine, just like Adobe Flash, but pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

MD Slider includes +100 transitions, 3D and 2D, independent element animation, Youtube and Vimeo support plus the feature of creating as many slider blocks as you want on your site.

The new Home Page Variant includes it by default as the main Slideshow, but, as mentioned before, more custom Slideshows can be created with it. Check the new Home Variant.

Retina Responsive Update

Finally RealEstate is fully retina Responsive. The new update allows your visitors to explore your website from any device and deliver a high quality content on Retina/High Definition displays.

4 Level Fully Responsive Layout based on HTML5 and CSS3:

  • iPhone/Android devices in Portrait mode layout
  • iPhone/Android devices in Landscape mode layout
  • iPad/Tablet PC devices in Portrait mode layout
  • Desktop Screen such Mac or PC layout

Preview the Responsive Behavior Resizing your browser.

Automatic Mortgage Calculator

RealEstate includes now an Automatic Mortgage Calculator. A tool that your customers will love, as it will allow them to customize the variables that affect the Monthly Payment on every property page. You can preview the Mortgage Calculator here on a sample Property Page.

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