Drupal Association Personas: An Amazing Idea

Drupal Association Personas: An Amazing Idea

Since a few days ago, the Drupal Association has been gathering and publishing a set of Interviews in order to empower a new concept that will surely develop the Drupal Community: Personas.

As described in https://www.drupal.org/personas :

Personas are composite characters that represent typical users in each target audience segment. They do not reflect a single person, but rather are an amalgamation of various interviews. While they do not compose the entirety of people who will visit Drupal.org, they portray the types of people we want to design for – the likeliest and most desired users of the website.

Drupal.org user personas are based on Competency in Drupal and the Drupal ecosystem.

Based on this wonderful idea of profiling the target audience of Drupal.org, the Drupal Association’s user research initiative of 2014 developed Personas and released a Report

during the past Summer. It has become in a very interesting way of understanding the Drupal ecosystem and will surely empower it. You can bet on it :)

The research has resulted in a set of 5 Personas:

Anyone involved with Drupal, no matter how, will find one of these Profiles or at least a point between two of them, where to feel identified. This will help the Drupal Association to aim for the most important weak points of the community and leverage solutions and initiatives as close to the target audience as possible. Just an amazing idea.

As the Full Drupal.org User Personas report states as the Major Recommendation:

Our recommendation is to focus our efforts on the transition of our users between 2 primary personas: from Learners to Skilled. There are too many Newcomers out there. It does not take much effort to go from Newcomer to Learner even with the current resources. The step from Learner to Skilled is much more challenging, and is often where we lose people. By helping people transition from Learners to Skilled, we create more engaged community members and we grow Drupal adoption, thus following the two primary objectives of the Drupal Association. Our secondary focus would be the transition between Skilled and Expert. By creating more Experts, we get even more engaged community members, and we get more people who contribute back and take part in the development of Drupal itself.

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