Drupal 8 will be here very soon...

Drupal 8 Resources

We´ve been posting since a few monsths ago and mostly last week a set of usefult Drupal 8 resurces and links associated to the brand new major release of the most flexible CMS of all times. It is estimated to be ready by early 2015 and it would be just great to stay up to date.

If you are interested in learning more about Drupal 8, please feel free to explore this set of resurces that may give yo ua better idea of how it will be like and you can even download and test the current development release.

Drupal 8 Will Have Something for Everyone to Love by Drupal.org

With more than 200 new features and improvements, the upcoming release of the world’s leading open source web content management platform will win you over....

"Frequently asked questions about Drupal 8" by Drupal.org

Some of the major questions everyone has about the new release: "When will Drupal 8 be ready?", "Is there an upgrade or migration path?"...

"Drupal 8: More Power & Fun for Site Builders" by Drupal.org

Drupal 8 removes barriers and allows site builders to simply do what they do best: build great sites. New out-of-the-box features include Views, configuration management...

"Drupal 8: Beautiful Theming, Simplified" by Drupal.org

One of the most talked-about updates to Drupal 8 is Twig, a templating engine that overhauls the way Drupal theming works....

"Admin Toolbar Changes in Drupal 8" by Michael Ross

In Drupal 7, site administrators can utilize its core Toolbar module for speeding navigation. Drupal 8's equivalent improves upon it...

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Updates to Themes?

What is going to be the estimated timeline for updating the themes from Drupal 7 to 8?

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Hi Devin:

Hi Devin:

Still will take months to most of Contrib Modules to be ready for D8, so nothing on the horizon yet.


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Thanks for the update. I look forward to when we can migrate over to D8. In the meantime, keep up the good work.


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